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発行:凸版印刷株式会社  文化事業推進本部 

企画:原 瑠璃彦|石塚 晶子|大倉 未沙都|安西 慧

制作:翁プロジェクト『 翁の本』編集チーム




編集:原 瑠璃彦|石塚 晶子|大倉 未沙都|安西 慧|木下 悠|阿部 愛美


広報デザイン・デザイン協力:三上 悠里


The Book of Okina|00


This book is published in the activities of The Okina Project. This project aims to explore the headwaters of Nohgaku Okina. Okina is said to be existed before the establishment of Nohgaku therefore headwaters of Nohgaku. In Okina, White old man and black old man appear as gods and perform in order to pray for peace and safety throughout the world. It is a very ritual performance. Okina is said to preserve the philosophy about life from the ancient Jomon time and philosophy of syncretistic fusion of Shintoism and Buddhism from the medieval time. It gives us a radical clue to reconstruct modern and contemporary times.

 I aimed this book to be for the beginners and experts by combining visual materials and texts. Especially, a diagram of the performance envisioning the  construction of it and a map of Japan with preserved Okina performance plots made this book more interesting. Chapter 1 with rich visual materials is designed with 4c+silver. Chapter 2 with interviews is designed with 2c.


Published by Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. Cultural Projects Division

Planning: Hara Rurihiko / Ishizuka Akiko / Ôkura Misato / Ansai Satoru

Production: The Book of Okina Editing Team, The Okina Project

Text and Interviews: Hara Rurihiko

Translation: Richard Emmert 

Supplementary Translation: Lingua Guild

Editing: Hara Rurihiko / Ishizuka Akiko / Ôkura Misato / Ansai Satoru /

Kinoshita Yu / Abe Manami

Design: Hoda Takuya

PR Design and Design Assistance: Mikami Yuuri

Printing: Yamada Photo Process Co., Ltd.

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